What To Write In A Blog Ideas With Most Popular Blog Topics

What to write in a Blog Ideas

Going blank while writing is nothing new, isn’t it? At times it happens that we are all prepared with tea and everything still nothing comes in our mind about what to write or how to proceed.

Well, do not stop right there. You will find it easy once you get the flow. Now the question arises on how to get the flow?
Let me tell you, writing a blog is a lot like learning to ride bicycles. No matter how many guide books you finish, you can’t learn until you ride and fall. Just like that in writing, you will gradually gain experience by practicing it regularly.

I’m going to enlist some ideas you might feel interested in. Let’s find out!

Unique blog ideas

Are you dealing with writer’s block? Well, do not fret over it. Here some unique ideas you can make use of.

 Using Google Autocomplete

The suggestion that comes through Google autocomplete might be ideas you never thought before. This is the easiest and fun way to grab a top searched topic.

First type any topic relevant to your niche then take the cursor on the search button, before even clicking you will find some relevant yet unique suggestion.

The good news is you can actually get more than one idea through this suggestion of Google.

Also look into “People also Ask

When you are researching a topic you will find at the bottom of the page “people also ask” suggestion. There you might discover some relevant elements you can work with.

 Related keywords

You can consider using research gadgets like Keywords Everywhere and SEMrush will guide you with a huge amount of related keywords.
The best of all is that this method will save lots of time.

Using personal stories

Through personal stories are not at the top list of search lists still this might prove to a very unique idea.

First learn to narrate your stories in a way that sounds engaging, and then post some of the incidents from your personal life. The content can be motivational, informative, or discovery or realizations.

People often find interest in autobiographical topics. Sometimes it is more influential and fictional stories.

Breaking News

You can start your blog with some recent news. I do not wish you to exhibit any sort of competition with current news portals. Rather it can be simply your opinion or findings on the news. 

But be aware of fake sources. You don’t want to baffle your reader right? The wrong information in a blog is harmful to reputation.
Write clean and less complex.

Myth- debunking ideas

Strangely we like to read about things that prove to us that we had been wrong all this time. Such myth debunking ideas are amusing as well as shocking to the audience. They imply their curiosity about such factors. 

To come up with such ideas make a list of common myths. After that, you can use those to create fascinating posts.

Always choose trustable words and resources when it comes to explaining myths, otherwise, things might go backward for you.

Fun Blog Ideas

You need to write something that will not only be informative but also fun to read. If your chosen topic is not so fun or stimulating to read than readers will feel less curious about it.
Let’s take a look at some ideas which can actually turn out to be fun.

Stories and Experiences:

Sharing some of your interesting encounters can be fun to read. People are often interested in the happenings of real-life rather than made up stories.
Also, sharing personal experiences create a trustworthy platform where the audience can relate and meditate upon it.

 Through your stories, you can also suggest solutions. You can make an honest confession of your mistake and then suggest which things should actually be changed and how to change. In this way, people will be convinced and would try not to make the same mistake.

Interesting product Reviews:

The review of a product form someone’s real experience is always fun to read. You can start with any product you are using, be it accessories, electronics, make-ups, or cosmetics. 

Make the review interesting with the things the product claims to do, adding pros and cons, the best way to use, and your suggestion.
A bond can be created with your audience if you share real-life based reviews.

Frequently asked questions: 

The frequently asked question of the audience can be your next magical topic. In this way, you are also building a connection between you and the readers.

By making a survey select the top question you want to deal with. Then simply answer them one by one. Or you can just make a post dealing with one common question. This way people would get attached to your writing.


Recipes can help people in learning a new dish. People all over the world are eager to learn a new technique or develop a different taste. You can pick recipes as your content.

 Try providing post like five most easy homemade dishes, or dishes centering star ingredients.Today’s world is giving people new taste and a new diet routine. A dish is never too old to discover.

Blog Topics for Student

It is not so hard to find a student-inspired topic. Just look around the surroundings of student life. Picking ideas that generate your honest opinion is never a bad idea. Rather it becomes more authentic.

Here is some topic related to student life you can definitely look into

An interesting day at school or a bad experience that you won’t repeat:

Viewers find the best day or worst day experience interesting. You may pick a day when you were able to impress your teacher or you made a nice friend.

Writing about a bad experience is not so underrated too. Unless you are okay with sharing, a bad experience can attract the audience as they can relate or know of a new situation. But be aware that your post is not promoting any sort of violence.

How to make friends:

Believe it or not, now day’s people lack the ability to develop healthy relationships, friendship is one of those hard nuts to crack thing.
You can make your article interesting just by writing about your first meet with someone that actually turned out to be an elevating friendship.

The human heart doesn’t come with manual attitudes of how to do or what to do, yet these suggestions influence people. And they meditate it in their life adding their own ways too.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Share your concerns and worries:

If you are thinking sharing your student life insecurities is a bad idea then I must say- snap out of it! Because we all had those insecurities and concerns in life. It’s nothing so far-fetched or unrealistic.

Share your nightmares and if you have solved it then share those ideas, in this way one can be inspired. You can also add an inspirational quote or movie or anything that has moved you during a hard time.

Share the most interesting thing you have read:

In the long student lifetime which particular book has been interesting you, or the book you think is necessary for people from all classes to read, write in suggestive tone regarding that book.
It’s almost like recommending something to people.

Reflect your time as a student so far:

This one is like autobiographical writing. You can just start writing aimlessly about the time and experience you had as a student.

What you miss, what you think of most, what could be changed, what was different than today, what has influenced you to be who you are today etc can be written in an interesting way.

Blog ideas that make money

I’m sure you have seen lots of famous blogs out there and thought of making one of your own like that. Some blogs are owned by housewives, they just share their daily lives. This “Mom experience” thing can also be a money-making niche.

Let’s talk about some ideas which are making bread and honey:

Universal topics:

The topics which deal with the things people actually can relate are most likely to attract people. The moment you notice the title that you find relatable, you simply click it.

Topics like- parenting, travel experience, newborns, crafts, painting, literature, recipes, health, cosmetics, etc are the facts everyone wants to know of.

The experience of a single mother can be an interesting thing to write about. Women sometimes men all over the world will definitely look into it to gather knowledge. It’s also inspiring for many.

Home Décor:

If you look closely you will find lots of home décor blogs are really famous. Blogs like “I Have This Thing With Floors”, “The Jungalow”, “Harper House” etc. are eye candy to people.

There is always a curiosity to know about unique or easy ways to decorate home. The newborn family decoring, the newly married family decoring, old-age decoring, aesthetic decoring, seasonal decoring, etc demands drive people to seek a new way to arrange their sweet home.

Lifestyle Topics:

Lifestyle blogs are pretty attractive to read. I have seen some blogs are simply created by homemakers. They are sharing how they are saving money, planning for kids, trying new recipes, or so on.

These lifestyle blogs concentrate on one direction – pet lovers, moms, college life, anime culture, etc. These bloggers don’t think directing their blog in multiple directions will do any good. Rather they target a single class of audience.  One of the most renowned bloggers in this field is Ashli. She earns a million dollars by her mama blog that writes about eight topics including recipes and traveling information.


Who doesn’t want to be concerned about health and wellness? Most of the huge niches out there deal with health issues. Talking about health means you are talking to a huge percentage of people around the world. That’s an advantage I must say.
Keep in your mind about the global scale, the percentage of the audience you are targeting.

Jessica from Easy life today is making a handsome income from her blog. She is a mother and shares her routines and tips on fitness and health issues. Her income is $12,000 a month which is seriously commendable. 

Frugal Living:

Did you know that the blogs focusing on the thrifty way of living are hitting on the top popular niches? You can look into Pinterest to see how widely discussed topic it is.  The smart dad or single mom blogs focus on the ways of saving money and living a good life at the same time. Saving money is a universal need. People from different backgrounds are spending their time on these blogs to meditate upon this topic.

Also, you might want to take a glance at these facts if Blogging is your earning source:

  • Try to promote products through affiliate marketing. You will be paid for linking the product. If someone gets motivated to buy the product after clicking your site then you will get a percentage of their earnings.
  • To monetize your Blog use Google AdSense ads. Sign up to AdSense, then add the code attaching to your site.
  • There are lots of companies who would pay you if you just write for them. Accept those sponsored posts from companies.

Final thought: 

Blogging can be way out for you. Some people are finding it’s too hard to make their ends. Blogging is a doorway for stay at home people. But to succeed you must spend a good deal of time on it; possess a broad mind, being patient, and most importantly being aware of the current state.

To develop your blogging voice you must find out the best niche. And it’s not too hard to find one; Lifestyle is a pretty impressive niche to talk about. You just need to focus on your passion and add a certain color of dramatic effect to lift it out.

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