Interesting Topics To Write About

Interesting Topics to Write About

There is no question that a Topic is an important element when it comes to writing. A topic decides what you want to convey to people through your writing.

Choosing topics depends on different facts, for instance- a topic for research, topic to write in a journal, topics for the teachers, topics for the students, or you might just wondering about interesting topics to write about.

In this vast area of knowledge sometimes choosing most popular blog topics can be a pretty perplexing thing. Here in this article, you shall find plenty of ideas to work with.

Topics to Write About for an Essay

For writing essays, first of all, you must choose the type of essay you want to write. If you don’t know the type of essay you want to focus on, then writing would be somewhat disarranging for you.

There are essential for major types of essays:

  1. Narrative Essay- more like telling a story.
  2. Descriptive Essay-more like painting a picture with words, that means-describing a topic.
  3. Expository Essay- more like an informative piece of writing.
  4. Persuasive Essays- to convince someone of a topic.

Now choose the topic keeping pace with the type of essay you want to write. Topics like Childhood Memory, My First Job, Best Summer memory, Last Holyday, Meeting Famous Person, etc are Narrative Essays.

Topics like Weekend Market, Uniqueness of Empire State Building, My Best Friend, or description of any place can be the topic of Descriptive Essay.

 The difference between Descriptive and Narrative essays is that Descriptive essays present a topic in a way one would imagine the subject of the topic would be, narrative essays, on the other hand, narrates like telling a story to the audience.

Expository essays include topics like the Internet, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Addiction, Code of Ethics, etc. To write expository essays one needs to dig into the topic and show some true findings.

Persuasive essays deal with controversial ideas and aim at convincing the reader of the chosen topic, for instance- War is horrible, Demerits of Mobile phone, Female trainers should mentor women, How to fight insomnia, etc.

When you divide the types of essays and then look into the topics, it will be easier for you to choose a particular field.

Interesting Essay Topics (Argumentative)

Essay topics that often initiate arguments in you are more likely taken to be interesting topics. Imagine a topic giving birth to a bunch of questions in you; you would naturally try finding answers and then judge the options to choose the best.

Moreover, in argumentative essays, you have scopes to present your thoughts and findings in an interesting way. You can bash current problems or talk in favor of your findings.

 But always remember to put forward logical arguments. Or else things will lose its validity to people. Logics with examples will be much appreciated. You can bring out some real-life experiences.

Here I’m recommending some interesting Argumentative Essay topics.

Keep your eyes peeled with this list:

  • Are Girls too mean in their friendship?
  • Mobile phone: is it more harmful than useful?
  • Is Anime more than just cartoon show?
  • Literature: makes people empathetic or antipathetic?
  • Is competition really good for you?
  • How much effective Death penalty is?
  • Should Working women be given special treatment?
  • Is the male gaze dominating movie contents?
  • Feminists are careful or extra-careful of their rights?
  • Politics- how much does it save the country?
  • Is appearance really important?
  • Dating apps- effective or destructive?
  • How much good is media fame for you?
  • Social media- develops intelligence or takes away intelligence?
  • How much social media initiates creativity?
  • Is it true that life before was easier?
  • Victorian age- aristocracy or hypocrisy?
  • Mechanism- productivity or dehumanization?
  • How much effective Democratic political system is?
  • Is social media making relationships vulnerable?
  • Should Thesis be made compulsory?
  • Is getting a good GPA really important?
  • Should children be taught housekeeping first?

Essay Topics for Kids & Students

Kids love to play and create. The essay topic for them should be creative and informative. Anything new from their surrounding observation can be picked as an essay topic.

Furthermore, some serious issues like Climate change and Global Warming would be great topics for them to write about, choosing such a topic can initiate research, and thus students can enrich their knowledge.

There are topics that are directly intriguing to teachers and guardians. Topics like My Last summer vacation, My first impression on Museum are more likely to catch attention.

Let’s have a look at the topics kids can easily write with:

  • How to Be a Better Friend
  • Can Attire define a person’s character
  • Global warming: a Threat to Mother Earth
  • My Last Summer Vacation
  • Eating Healthy
  • Music I like
  • Music of my parent’s time
  • Is Urban area better than the Rural area?
  • Importance of Manner
  • Christian Eve With Family and Friends
  • A Day I Would Never Forget
  • Why Kids Love Chocolate
  • Visiting a Zoo
  • How to be a better Human Being
  • The Best TV Comedy Shows
  • Why learning History is Important
  • Keeping Cat as a pet
  • My Favorite City
  • How technology is affecting us
  • It is good to be Bilingual
  • Important Hobbies for Everyone
  • The Desert I like Most
  • School Picnic
  • Grand Parents
  • A Machine I Would Like to Invent
  • How to Help Animals
  • Is eating Animals Immoral?
  • Why Kids Love Chocolate
  • A Day out With Father
  • Benefits of Morning Walk

Topics to Write About When Bored/in Journal/ Deep Topics

We keep journals to write interesting facts and ideas. Ever happened that you are just sitting with your diary and do not know what exactly to put there? Yes, I get that feeling a lot, but that’s not a problem once you discover something.

This “something” can be your daily thoughts about people, about the world, about life or love. Start with a single line, then you will see magic coming out of your pen. Lash out your inner psychology in your journal.

Some topics that bear irony or paradoxical meaning can also be added to your list. Any metaphorical topics have the charm to hold people to read it more. Or you can write on a topic in reference to psychological theory. It will be more like a short analysis of a particular psychological fact.

Also, if you feel like you are running out ideas to write in your blog look at the list below to get some ideas!

Here are some topics you might feel interested in:

  • Movie review
  • List of Things you want to do
  • List of Things You Will Never Do Again
  • Travelling Story
  • You Last Interesting Encounter
  • A Series You Would Like to Recommend
  • The letter you have Never Sent
  • A Long Lost Friend
  • Eye Contact
  • Recent Dreams
  • The Nightmare you had
  • Friendship
  • Adulthood
  • Taboos you want to Talk About
  • The Worst Gift of Your Life
  • The Best Gift
  • Your Pet
  • Your favorite Personae
  • A Book you would recommend
  • An Author you regularly follow
  • Qualities a Teacher should possess
  • The Eavesdropper
  • Addict
  • Social Media
  • Philosophy and Life
  • An acquaintance you would like to meet again
  • Fancy Dish
  • Dream vacation
  • Things you would like to change in your life
  • Your Crush
  • Favorite Photo
  •  A perfect day
  • The worst day
  • First day at Varsity
  • Work
  • Great Minds
  • Shopping
  • Self-Love
  • Foreclosure
  • Hypocrisy
  • Blindness
  • The Professor You Admire
  • Good Vibes
  • Travel wish List
  • War or Peace
  • The Culture you are Interested in
  • Anime
  • Josei: The genre for the female audience
  • Who am I?
  • Songs and life
  • Working in a Fancy mall
  • The Author I Would Like to Meet
  • Nostalgia
  • Time travel
  • The second chances I would like to have
  • Letters to God
  • Regret

Final Thoughts

Topics are interesting only when you write not only with your intelligence but also with your heart. Also, keep in mind the publishing material in your writing, the current hot topics to write, how people react, how people accept or reject.

Find reliable sources. Write about some real-life incidents or arrange an interview session with people. Who knows, here you may find some other interesting topics too.

Add tensions and curiosity in your writings then solve the questions too. Do not just write an essay. Write like they want to read. To make your writing interesting you must take special care of your topic. The very first line must tell people what you are talking about.

Speak to friends, teachers, and guardians regarding finding topics. This can fun as well as creative. Do not fuss over how much it will be appreciated. Just pick a topic and write.

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