How To Become A Better Writer | All The Most Essential Steps & Tips

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a writer like successful figures- Eliot, Murakami, or Bacon? Or you might be interested in writing for blogs, newspapers, or magazines but don’t know how to become a better writer.

Well, the answer is pretty simple- practice! Yes, only practicing can develop your level.

Being a writer is a path of glory. It is through writing that people get to know the world. As a writer you are informing, teaching and making people aware of lots of undiscovered things. Sometimes, even on popular topics people want to see different reviews, outlooks and opinions. It helps to unlock further information on the topic and thus we grow. Being able to capture what you see and know in words is a talent. As they say “A writer is just like a wizard while his pen is like a wand”, a writer’s hand is truly magical. 

How To Become A Better Writer

But first, you must identify in which level you are in, and then set the goals to exercise or learn according to your current level. You just don’t want to produce pages making no sense right? That’s why you must check the current ability you have and take measures for the lacking.

There are some key facts you must try to keep pace with when you are aiming at being a writer. It doesn’t happen in one day. It’s a gradual process that requires perseverance and diligence.  But do not fret over it. I have mentioned some points which will work like guidance in developing efficient writing skill. These point are important in terms for forming a habit and gradually grow with it as a writer.

 If you just maintain the following steps by heart and soul, I’m sure you will be busy bee being a wonderful writer.

 Let’s have a look!

Exercises to Improve Writing Skill

Write Every day

Having consistency in your writing habit is the key to success. Pick any time day to write, but it has to be every day.

You can start with anything like writing a movie review, blog posting, writing about your emotions, or the book you have read.

The more you write the more you get comfortable in it. It doesn’t matter how little you write but try to write every day.

Read Every day

By reading every day you will naturally develop a habit of imitating the interesting words, new words, style, and the tone in your writing. By imitation, I don’t mean blind imitation! Rather a sort of implement of skill.

As you read, you develop vocabulary; you develop the ideas of a language. That’s how you enrich your writing ability. So reading is important. Also, keep in mind to follow the best authors.

Keep a notebook

Keeping a journal has always been a sort of fancy thing for people. But it is an important thing as well. Whenever you pick an idea, interesting phrase or words from newspapers, novels, streets, placards, or from anywhere, jot it down in the notebook.

 Next time you write, take a glance at the notes you have picked. Thus you can  remember them and utilize them in your writing.

First writing then editing

Do not write and edit at the same time, this might cause you poor writing an improper concentration. Just scribble down ideas at first, then edit when you are finished.

Steady routine

You must have a steady routine. I simply write in the morning, edit at noon, and read at night. Just like this, you need to create a steady routine and get engaged with it.

Take rest while you need to

After writing at a stretch, we feel tired, and then our writing quality decreases. Do not force yourself to write for a long time, just pause when your writing is getting cheaper. Stop and come back with energy and positivity. 

Get comments on your writing

Post your writing on blogs or Social Media to get comments on them. Or you can show one sample to your teacher or friends or someone well-versed in writing. Thus you can get a judgment and have an idea on which part you need to focus more.

Learning Grammar

One must have a good command over grammar before starting to write. In this case, you can try focusing on some key sectors; for example:

  • Subject-Verb-Agreement
  • Tense
  • The right form of Verb
  • Redundant
  • Transition words etc.

Do not force to learn grammar, this can be quite tiresome, there are interesting ways to learn too. You can follow some YouTube channels. Take help from the internet and books with exercise. However, one cannot master grammar overnight. You must keep practicing and solving exercises. Try this-taste your skill once a week.

Learning Vocabulary

Strong vocabulary works like a life-blood to writing skills. Building a strong base in vocabulary is highly recommended to level-up your writing. The things you can do to improve your vocabulary level are: 

  • Reading everyday
  • Noting down new words
  • Explore synonyms
  • Play vocabulary games (download apps from play store)
  • Speak to people
  • Imply in writings, post daily.

Creative Writing Skill

Writings can be interesting and fun if it is creative. Plus, creativity can level-up your style. Just imagine some creativity in you content enhancing the viewers and readers, it’s like a cue card to treasure hunt.

No one wants to go through boring pages after pages without any spark of interesting clues. Even the mundane writing can make the viewer’s drop it. That is quite upsetting, isn’t it? But need not worry as I have listed below some facts you should keep in mind while developing creative writing.
Here are things to develop your creative writing:

Extensive research on what you are writing

First and foremost, you need to dig deeper into the subject you are writing. Be knowledgeable enough to create something interesting. 

Without having a proper idea, it will be difficult for you to fill the page let alone delivering anything interesting.

Revise your current level of writing

Brush-up your current way of writing. Find out the places you want to focus on. If your style is rusty do not worry. Remember there is always room for change.  Follow some writers on social media or simply just buy their works to have a look on their way of writing, tricks and things that make their writing interesting.

Imitate Interesting writers

You might have a favorite when it comes to authors. Follow their style and try to imply it in your writing. I know you can’t be Ernest Hemingway in one night, or ever! – So what!- be you, your own version of creativity. Follow several writers, thus you will not feel bored. Read blogs and articles you are interested in.

Create conflict and tension

Create tension and conflict in your writing by asking questions, suspending audiences. Show the result with an exclamatory mark. Write it like you are telling a story. Do not make it look like a boring paragraph. 

Edit your work

To deliver a flawless and interesting article you must vigorously edit your writing. Try some editing apps. Nevertheless, edit with your own eyes.

Read again and again, this will help you to add some instant ideas. Or erase unnecessary junks.

Benefit of Reading

Reading for Writing- Reading helps writing in many ways. Now you must be thinking how? Well, when you real your brain automatically gets used to the vocabularies and style of writing of the book.

 As reading turns a habit, the ability to write also stems from this habit. The more you read the more you enrich your knowledge over writing skills. You naturally start to imitate writers.

Also, it might just unlock your own style of writing. Furthermore, reading books on writing will also help you in the long run.

How Do I Know I’m a Good Writer?

This is really a troublesome question, whether you are a good writer or not. How to find it out by yourself? Let’s traverse through some points that actually decide your quality of writing:

Own Style

You must have your own style. So that readers can recognize at a glance who wrote it. Think of music and art. You can recognize a band by its song, or you can recognize the painter just by seeing the paint.

This is possible for each of them possessing their own style. A particular writing style that is different from other styles simply sets the bar high. Anyone can recognize it just by the look of it.  Your style decides in many ways whether you are a good writer or not.

People will ask you to write for them

This one of the most obvious signs that you are a good writer. Once people see one of your submitted writing and if you ask for more, then rest assured, you are a good writer.

Writing is often a hard job. Some writers would just admit that they are not that good. Someone who isn’t skilled will simply say that his or her writing is not that good or usually they will just laugh it off.

This simply means they are not for the job. People asking you twice mean they have an idea of your writing and pleased with it.

Writing fast

It is also important to see how fast you can portray your words in papers. The faster you can the more competitive you are.

Think of it that after reading an article, how much time do you take to write that very summarized idea of the article on your own. What’s the answer? Well, there you get the idea of your ability.

Good rejections

Quite paradoxical, right? How can rejections be good? It can! Only when someone replies to you that he or she enjoyed your reading but they are looking for writers for other purposes. Messages like this tell you that you are not actually a bad writer. They have enjoyed means you are up to the mark.  

Enjoying writing

If you enjoy writing that means you are good to some extent. When you are really bad at something, you try to force it. The result is obviously not so good.

But if you like to write, add creativity with self-fabricated humor or wit, favorite vocabularies then you are right on the track

Must-Read Books of all Times to Improve Writing Skill

Everybody Writes Your Go-To Guide to Create Ridiculously Good Content – AnnHandley (2014): This book shall guide you on not only how to write but also what to write. Also, if you have newly opened a blog or willing to write content for sites then this will be an ideal pick for you. 

It is important to note that this book is best for those who are taking writing as a career. In this fiercely competitive market, this book shall help you to make a place.

Ann very swiftly presents everything in a nutshell- from grammar usages to casual English in an accessible language.

Stein on Writing(1995)- Sol Stein

Those of you who are looking for a guideline regarding creative writing can definitely take a look at this one. It is noteworthy that the book is elevated by veteran editors, teachers, and specialists. To upgrade your writing skill this book shall help you just the way you want.

You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)- Jeff Goins (2014)

Here you shall find a roadmap to writing like a professional. Goins took his passion for writing to the lever of a blogger, an author, and a speaker.  The very name of the book tells you to engage in the real business of writing immediately. 

Rather than the art of writing, you shall find how to get your writing on top-notch or top search list here.

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life(1994)- Anne Lamott

Writers often get too serious of perfection, such seeking perfection causes many troubles including anxiety, going blank, or even insomnia. Anne Lamott, with her brilliant wit and humor, presents such trouble making fact in writing, and in the process, you shall find the way of improving writing too. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Zen in the Art of Writing(1990)- Ray Bradbury

Here you will find the must-have qualities every writer should possess. With a collection of essays on writing life and more, the book appears quite adventurous. Some important never seen before tips here shall help you to build a strong understanding foundation in you. It simply breathes life to your own style of writing. Elevate your talent today with this book!

Final Words

 Last but not the least, do not force writing. The very question of how to become a better writer might cause you insomnia. Do not waste your time mulling over it rather simply work for it. Therefore, it’s nothing to be afraid of once you reach on track.

 Have the patience to nurture the talent in you. And for that invest a good deal of time in your everyday routine for writing. Also, keep contacts with writers or people who have interest in this field.

Nonetheless, to become a good writer you cannot afford to slack off from your duty. Remember, it all comes down to practicing! It is the key to success in making you a potential writer.

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